R&D Wearable Medical Devices Adhesives

We are enabling the future of wearable health devices by helping our partners in the healthcare industry create lighter, less invasive, and more effective devices. R&D’s industry-pioneering hydrogels enable maximum patient comfort and optimal medical performance. Since 1997, we have been deeply bonded to the wearable medical industry.

The medical wearable devices market has experienced an explosion of growth in unprecedented fashion. Whether it’s today’s youth monitoring their every move or tomorrow’s doctors monitoring a patient’s vital signs to ensure remission of cancer, R&D Medical Products is deeply bonded to the fascinating advancements taking place every day.

For over two decades, our adhesives have helped healthcare product manufacturers create a tighter, more comfortable fit and the world’s best product capability.

When you partner with us, you benefit from revolutionary adhesives for the medical industry that can either help bond parts together or adhere directly to a patient’s skin. Just as our products can seamlessly integrate into your patient’s everyday life, so too can our team seamlessly integrate into yours.


R&D Hydrogel Adhesives: Creating the Next Generation of Wearable Health Devices

Adhesives for medical devices are critical to the long-term success of your product. Without one, there’s no way for it to function properly. Consumers are demanding more personalized care and higher performance than ever before.

If you are not offering the next generation in skin-interfacing devices, your product won’t succeed on the market.

R&D Medical Parts pioneered the medical adhesive industry. Our team, lead by the creator of hydrogel himself, specializes in creating the perfect adhesive for your product. The selection and development of your adhesive are extremely challenging, and you must understand the nuances of differing skin types and medical device dimensions (size, weight, etc.).

That’s where our expertise comes in:

Our Adhesives Allow for Maximum Discreteness

How your patients dress is an expression of their inner selves. It’s how they want the world to see them. A wearable medical device that interferes with that will be resisted until the last possible moment. Unlike most companies, we can manufacture an adhesive that enables your device not to interfere with a patient’s daily life. Remember, most people do not want to call attention to their illness. Our hydrogel expertise allows you to create a product that is both discrete and highly functional.

A Tighter Fit

Today’s wearable health devices are smaller and less invasive than ever before, and they’re only getting more advanced by the day. If your product isn’t sleek, it won’t be worn. We can create the perfect adhesive for your product so it can fit tightly to the skin and still allow for maximum comfort and breathability.

Unrivaled Performance

There is no room for error when tracking a patient’s vital signs. Our ultra-thin, highly conductive adhesives can either bond two components together or adhere directly to the skin and enable your device to seamlessly receive biosignals. Creating an adhesive is an extremely challenging endeavour—too loose and the components may slip or not receive proper signals, too tight and you may encounter even more errors. You must choose a proven expert if you wish to create a viable product that consumers will want to wear.

R&D Medical Products creates a personalized adhesive for your product from scratch. We will consult with you each step of the way, including designing, prototyping, and production until we reach the perfect result. Each of our adhesives allows for maximum comfort, effectiveness, and durability.

Why R&D?

Our partners who are looking to R&D, we take a hands-on approach to creating the right adhesive for your wearable medical devices.

We take proactive steps to review your designs for intent, examine market viability, and locate process inefficiencies that may be costing you money. We want to be an active partner in your success, not just your supplier of adhesives.

Wearable medical devices have the power to change lives. We want to achieve that together with you.

Our quality, engineering knowledge, and product processing acumen is unrivaled in the industry. For over 20 years, the healthcare world has turned to us for adhesives they can count on to create extremely complex, unique products for commercial medical purposes continue to turn to us for a number of reasons. As pioneers in the industry, R&D Medical Products strives to make each customer’s journey as fruitful and pain-free as possible.

R&D is unlike any medical products company you’ve worked with before.

PioneersPioneers in Our Industry

Whether it’s the world’s smallest electrode or the inventor of hydrogels himself, R&D Medical Products helped launched this industry and oversee its growth. We have been at the forefront of quality and development for two decades and are proud of the distinctions we’ve worked so hard for.

Production expertiseProduction Expertise

Not only can we create a flawless product but we can help locate process inefficiencies that most companies might miss. We use our trained eyes to ensure you aren’t wasting money. Rather than just supply your adhesives, we facilitate the production of your product in the most efficient manner possible.

Made in USAProudly Made in America

Unlike most companies that send production to other countries to cut costs, we stay true to our roots. Everything is made right at home in California. Always has been and always will be. Our core team hasn’t changed since 1997, and we plan to keep it that way.

ImprovwementCommitted to Improvement

Our team of engineers is constantly striving to improve on each of our products and is consistently achieving new levels of comfort, durability, and function.

TimesFast Turn Around Times

Where other companies need months to return a working product, we can make your vision come to life in a matter of weeks. As masters of our craft, we have turnaround times that most other companies can only dream of.

The wearable medical devices market is on an upward trend and shows no signs of slowing down. If you need an expert in the production of adhesives for wearable devices, get in touch with R&D Medical Devices today. Our team will work side by side with you to create the perfect hydrogel adhesive to make your product commercially viable. Even if you only have back-of-the-napkin notes, we can turn your vision into a device that will change people’s lives.

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