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The best hydrogel

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Constantly improved by the creator of hydrogel

One of R&D staff team is Jim Perrault, the creator of hydrogel, who is commited every day in finding new usages and improvements such as comfort, durability, conductivity and adaptability.

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The smallest electrode

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R&D manufactures the smallest electrode in the world

Making easier an accurate neonatal monitoring.

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Skin adhesive wearables

Manufacturing Wearables

R&D Medical manufactures both skin adhesive interfaces and finished electronic device assemblies for leading companies in the new wearable device markets. R&D has peripheral adhesives that keep the wearable device on for several days through both swim and shower and central conductive adhesives for heart rate monitoring that exceed AAMI EC12 standards.

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High speed converting

To exceed our customers needs for process integrity, medical validation and production efficiency

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 3.07.42 PMR&D also designs and builds custom production lines to meet specific client production needs.

  • Heat sealing equipment
  • Medical pouching line
  • Corona treating for surface prep
  • The TLMI tester for peel force testing
  • Custom engineered die cutting and laminating lines

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Hydrogel Types

We have 6 kinds of hydrogel for different uses

1. Skin Surface Mount Gel

2. Cosmetic Gels

3. Wound Care Gels

4. Skin Care Gels

5. Surface Mount Electrode Hydrogels

6. Conductive Hydrogels

Important News
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14.03.14FDA News Release Migraine Treatment
02.05.13On the list 3 times in the last 4 years
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