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Entities in the healthcare industry continue to partner with R&D Medical Products for medical converting services because we are leaders and pioneers in our field. We offer a nearly unlimited range of converting capabilities for a wide array of medical applications including adhesive, tape, die cutting, laser drilling, custom slitting and much more.

At R&D Medical Products, we work on projects of all shapes and sizes with our healthcare manufacturing partners from their initial concepts and back-of-the-napkin ideas to procurement, manufacturing, and assembly of hi-tech medical devices.

Our partners continue to choose us because of our highly trained technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and our status as pioneers in the industry. Together, we can design, build, and distribute life-changing devices. We are the healthcare industry’s medical converting specialist.

Whether you need multi-layer laminations, custom slitting for adhesive tapes, or ultrasonic welding, R&D Medical Products is the very best in the industry.

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Why Work With R&D Medical Products?

An experienced medical converter is of the utmost importance when trying to design and manufacture custom products. Our production experts have decades of combined experience fabricating medical components, meaning we can handle products ranging from the most basic test strips to the most sophisticated custom designs.

Our consultants, design specialists, engineers, and production team have helped countless clients achieve regulatory and commercial success. And, unlike most other medical converting companies, everything we produce is 100% made in America.

Our specialty is bringing exciting, life-changing ideas to life for wound care, electrode monitoring, the cosmetic industry, medical diagnostics and more. Our expert team can help with everything from materials selection to regulatory compliance, helping you design your device step by step.

R&D Medical Products is an industry leader in every facet of our team:

Medical converting company We pioneered this industry

From the creation of our industry-changing hydrogels used in hospitals around the world to our industry-leading consulting teams, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in medical components since our inception.

Medical converting company

Proudly Made

Your entire product will be designed, produced, and assembled in the USA.

Medical converting company

End-to-End Solutions

Whether you need consulting, die cutting, precision laser drilling, or any other medical converting service, we help all of our clients from start to finish.

Medical converting company

Multi-Dimensional Materials Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in consulting with medical companies to source the best materials for production quality and cost reduction. We will work with your team from the outset to recommend the best materials and supplies to help you reduce costs and increase profits. Working with us helps you eliminate the cost issues that limit the profitability of most medical product manufacturers.

Medical converting company

Unrivaled Capability

Our team is adept at converting services for patient monitoring products, wound care, medical device applications, medical packaging applications, and any other converting service you need. If it can be done, we have the capability.

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Our Medical Converting Services

Our facilities are located right at home in California, and our specialists come from a wide range of backgrounds. Our diversified manufacturing team specializes in:

Medical converting company

Custom Slitting

R&D Medical Products provides precision medical slitting and rewinding services for tape converting, adhesive tapes, film, and other sensitive medical materials. Our precision custom slitting tech can slit a master roll down to 1-inch width and possibly thinner for special orders.

Medical converting companyDie Cutting

Single-use components, complex multi-layer material constructions, skin-sensitive products—R&D’s die-cutting capabilities are used across the industry to produce custom products for the healthcare industry. We offer rotary die cutting, metal-to-metal die cutting, flat-bed die cutting for prototypes, complex island placement and much more.

Medical converting company


 R&D Medical Products regularly laminates a wide range of instruments for the medical industry. We can laminate thin barrier films down to extremely thin dimensions for the perfect combination of protection and integrity of the substrate’s textile properties. Our breathable barriers are used in a wide range of medical applications and can be 100% customized to meet your specifications.

We Specialize in High-Speed Converting

Our goal is to exceed your needs and expectations. Process integrity, medical validation, and process efficiency are our specialties, and we can handle most projects at speeds above what you are used to.

Our products are regularly used for:

Point-of-care medical devices   Pharmaceutical filtration   Wound care   Drug delivery
Diagnostic components   Cosmetic applications   Skin care   Skin surface mounting

And much more.

From initial designs and consulting through production, assembly, and market proliferation, we are a medical converting company that efficiently gets your idea to market no matter the size, scope, or challenges in our way. So if you need:

Heat-sealing equipment   Medical pouch lining   Corona treating for surface prep TLMI tester for peel force testing   Custom engineered die cutting and laminating lines

Or any other medical converting service, CONTACT US immediately.

As the most experienced medical converter in the modern healthcare industry, our industry partners continue to turn to R&D Medical Products for our expertise, production capabilities, fast turn around times, and unrivaled quality. When you choose us, you benefit from decades of combined experience in pioneering our industry, consulting with companies to reduce costs and produce materials, and exceptional customer service.

Unlike most other medical converting companies, we actually listen to your needs. That gives us the ability to speak with our partners, and within a few short weeks, have their dreams come to life as a real working entity. Our products are rated highly, our service is unrivaled, and our production and customization capabilities are top of the line in the industry. If you’re looking for a medical converting specialist, there’s no better choice than R&D.