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The best hydrogel products continually refined by the creator of hydrogel himself. Each of our 6 types of hydrogel is repositionable, reusable, comfortable, and highly durable.

As the world’s leading producer of hydrogels, R&D Medical Products is dedicated to offering ingenuity, innovation, and customer service. Therefore, we’re proud to offer customizable products where everything is made in America.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the best products in the business, but we are never complacent. Jim Perrault, the creator of hydrogel himself leads our staff as they continually refine our line of products and help us reach new heights of comfort, durability, and capability.

What Is Hydrogel?

Hydrogel is a general term used to describe solids that absorb water, swelling as a result and forming a non-flowable gel. Polymers, such as agar, jelly, and konjac are good examples. Silicone hydrogel is quite a common and popular form of hydrogel because it displays high oxygen permeability even though it has a low water content.

A hydrogel can be chemically created by combining a chemical and an ultra violet cross-linked interface. Alternatively, you can mix water and a polymer and expose it to an electron beam to create a “sheet” of water.

The composition of hydrogels is similar to biological soft tissue; therefore, hydrogels have been used as medical materials such as tissue engineering, wound dressings, and drug delivery systems. It can be used as artificial intervertebral discs, artificial cartilage, and more. However, hydrogel can be used for many other purposes, including a natural thickener, food packaging, etc.

Why Work With R&D Medical Products?

From medical hydrogel for wound care to cosmetic gels and conductive hydrogel products, our California-based team can be both your production team and your consultants.

Rather than simply return a quote, we will work with you side by side to review your design’s intent and manufacturability as well as to consult you on legal issues and more.

We offer the following types of hydrogels that can be used for a wide range of reasons:

Skin Surface Mount GelsMount Gels

When comfortable, durable hydrogels are applied directly to the skin, they can provide a range of benefits including increased long term adhesion and wear, and can be used for a range of cosmetic and commercial applications. Skin surface applications generally include defibrillation electrodes, transdermal drug delivery, ECG signaling, wearables, and more.

Cosmetic GelsCosmetic Gel

Our bioadhesive gels increase residence time on the skin and reduce product administration frequency. Our products can be used for a wide range of cosmetic skin care applications and leave no residue.

Wound Care GelsWound Care Gel

Our state-of-the-art gels are designed to maximize protection of the wound from infection. Our products come with a long shelf life and are repositionable and reusable, leading to maximum protection and price efficiency. A hydrogel wound dressing has proven to be far more effective than anything else on the market for protecting the human body. Our wound care gels are ideal for wound healing, burn care treatments, transdermal patches, scar reduction, and trauma bandages.

Skin Care Gels Skin Care Gel

Hydrogels are far more efficient for skin care than most products. As the world’s leading hydrogel company, we produce products that are perfectly tailored for the skin. Comfortable, durable, and highly effective, they will help you achieve maximum results. These skin care gels can be used in acne treatments, wrinkle reduction products, moisturizing face masks, and more.

Conductive HydrogelsConductive Gel

Hydrogels allow for improved communication between synthetic and biological systems, leading to better efficiency in the performance of an electrode’s medical duties. R&D Medical Products is an FDA-registered company and strives to continually improve the delivery of medical services using highly conductive gels with the perfect mix of performance and comfort.

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Why R&D Medical Products?

With decades of combined experience, we offer the best hydrogel products and much more to our clients.

<Made in USA

Proudly made in the USA

Our hydrogel products are 100% American made and are held to the highest standards. Nothing is outsourced to foreign countries where we don’t have boots on the ground. Our California manufacturers make all of our products under our own roof.

Pioneer in our fieldsPioneers in our field

From the creation of hydrogel itself to manufacturing the world’s smallest electrode, we are more than experts in our field—we have pioneered our industry. Our hydrogels are also available in roll form, allowing for easy application and more effective product absorption, leading to better healing abilities.

Seamless integrationSeamless integration

We can seamlessly integrate our manufacturing, packaging, and knowledge capabilities into your team to develop products with perfect form and function.

SuccessWe focus on making our clients successful

We listen to what the customer needs and make recommendations for improving processes, cutting costs, and creating the best product possible. We have the best technology and the most dedicated staff. We never have complaints or defects.

R&D Medical Products: Turning Your Ideas Into Products

Here at R&D, we are more than just hydrogel manufacturers. We are a full-on production team that can turn your ideas into real products. Your innovations combined with our ingenuity and production capabilities can create a customized product suited perfectly to your business.

We do everything from assessing the right raw materials to building the product and consulting you on legal ramifications and intellectual property issues. Together, we can create a product with perfect form and function ready to be packaged and sold.

Hydrogel Products F.A.Q

Q: How many times can we apply your hydrogel to the skin

A: The answer varies from days to months. It depends on the dryness of the skin and the current status of the gel. Please consult with us further to better understand your hydrogel’s capabilities.

Q: What is your minimum quantity?

A: Our minimum is 1 roll.

Q: Do your gels contain latex?

A: No, all of hydrogel products are 100% latex free.

Q: Do you handle packaging?

A: Yes, we do custom packaging on all products.

Q: Can you slit a master roll to our specifications?

A: Yes, we regularly do so. We’ve even slit a roll down to 1 inch.

Our process

Our team is made up of expert engineers and can be seamlessly incorporated into your team to act as an extension of your development department. We help your business avoid the costly problems that hurt so many companies in this industry.

First, we discuss the project with you, taking into account your business goals, the commercial landscape, and sourcing requirements. Next, we move into the review phase, which involves analyzing your drawings and checking material specs, volume requirements, and any other criteria we deem necessary.

From there, we build a detailed quotation, including the tooling and other production aspects of the project.

With our process in place and our knowledge of regulatory requirements, medical validation, and materials selection expertise, we have helped untold numbers of clients obtain commercial success with extremely complex projects.

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Contact R&D Medical Products today to begin talking to our team of hydrogel pioneers. As the leading hydrogel manufacturing company in the world today, we take pride in creating high-quality, durable, and reusable gels for a variety of purposes. If you are in need of any of our gel products, we can tailor your order to your specifications. If you have an idea you’d like us to bring to life, we can seamlessly integrate our team into your development department.

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